Najoung Kim

[nɑːd͡​ʒʌŋ kʰɪm]

Department of Linguistics
& CS (affiliated),
Boston University


Office 808, 665 Comm. Ave,
Boston, MA




For Students

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Grad school admissions

Thanks for your interest in working with me! I am broadly recruiting PhD students through Linguistics, Computer Science and the Center for Data Science. If you mention my name in the application in any of these departments, I will read your application.

The Linguistics department will be a better fit for you if you are interested in scientific questions about language and/or broader Cognitive Science. If you are primarily interested in NLP, I recommend applying to Computer Science or the Center for Data Science, depending on your curricular interests and maybe fit with other faculty in the respective departments.

Application links:

Computer Science
Center for Data Science

Recommendation letters

If you’ve worked with me in some capacity I’d be very happy to write you a recommendation letter. But for this I ask you to kindly do the following:

Apologies in advance that I will have to decline requests that don’t follow the above instructions, and thanks for understanding!

Research opportunities for BU students

Undergrads: I typically ask undergraduate students to have taken & performed well in at least one of my advanced computational courses (i.e., non-intro) before discussing research opportunities, unless you already have prior research experiences. Then, feel free to reach out to me to either: (1) pitch a project that is UROP-scoped that aligns with my research interests, or (2) ask if there are RA opportunities (but RA opps are sparse).

MS students: I have limited availability for MS supervision. I might agree to collaborating in rare circumstances, but similarly to undergraduates I’ll typically only agree to work with students who have taken one of my non-intro classes.

PhD students who are not my advisees: Reach out to me and we can discuss more!